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LETTER: Kudos to Metro Taxi for wheelchair-accessible cab

Most people take transportation for granted. Without mobility, a person’s freedom is stripped away, leaving them dependent on family, friends or others to get around. Congratulations to Metro Taxi and William Scalzi for his leadership in launching Metro Taxi’s MetroAccess service with the purchase of Connecticut’s first wheelchair-accessible taxi.

State’s 1st wheelchair-accessible taxi joins the region’s fleet

Many people without cars take for granted that they can make impromptu social plans or last-minute appointments, then call a taxicab.
But for people in wheelchairs, that wasn’t a reality until Wednesday, when Metro Taxi put the state’s first wheelchair-accessible taxi on the road, fulfilling the dream of Metro President William Scalzi, people with disabilities and their advocates.

Metro Access Quotes

“The challenge to get wheelchair-accessible taxicabs in the state has been a long-time campaign of mine given the value, freedom and equality they will bring to the disability community,” said William Scalzi, president and founder of Metro Taxi. “MetroAccess is the first step among many others to come that will provide new and essential transportation resources for people who use wheelchairs through grants such as the “New Freedom Initiative” and other federal funding sources,” Scalzi said. “Metro Taxi definitely wants to add more wheelchair-accessible taxicabs to its fleet.”
– Bill Scalzi, President of Metro Taxi