Monthly Archives: January 2011

Wheelchair access taxis coming to CT

Two taxi cab companies are pushing the state DOT to approve the licensure of 70 new wheelchair accessible taxi cabs.
The prototype for the new wheelchair taxi cab has been shown to state officials. Instead of a passenger seat there is space for a wheelchair, hooks to secure it, a seat belt shoulder strap, and behind it, room for a second wheelchair. All they need now is approval from the DOT.

Americans with Disabilities Act Coalition of Connecticut Names Metro Taxi and Metropolitan Livery President and CEO Bill Scalzi to Board of Directors

The Americans with Disabilities Act Coalition of Connecticut (ADACC) has appointed William Scalzi, president and CEO of Metro Taxi and Metropolitan Livery, to its Board of Directors, effective immediately. Metro Taxi in West Haven is one of Connecticut’s largest providers of non-emergency medical transportation and launched the state’s first wheelchair-accessible taxi (“MetroAccess”) in October 2009.