A change of season

It’s going to be sunny this weekend, and warm enough for us northerners to call it early springtime. By Isabelle’s estimations, it is now no longer winter because we already had Valentine’s Day. I like the idea– winter ends with love, and then come comes spring and all its joys.

It is, however, too cold to be running around without a jacket, no matter how glad we may be that the snow is no longer falling. The peak of flu season is nearing– high time to get a flu shot if you haven’t already, and as good a time as any to take extra precautions against illnesses.

Bundle up this weekend, wash your hands, and do not put your face on the mirror in the ballet studio no matter how much you want to see your eyeballs from up close.

And do catch a Metro Taxi to your favorite pharmacy and get a flu shot, while you’re at it. Getting sick isn’t fun for anyone.

Until next time,