A sense of community

Who amongst us still takes the time to sit down with a newspaper–an actual, paper newspaper–over a morning coffee? It has always been a ritual for me, but I’m told it makes me quite old-fashioned. While I’m sure it’s more convenient to have three weeks worth of multiple newspapers on your tablet or phone, I will never quite be able to forsake the feeling and scent of the physical, ink-and-paper edition.

An this past week, it has delivered inspiration and good news by the pageful. There was the West Haven Black Heritage Celebration, which honored many of our local heroes. The mayor of East Haven awarded Certificates of Recognition to a medical student, a nursing student, and first responders who saved a woman’s life during the New Year’s Eve blizzard. In New Haven, we got our yearly reminder about free, IRS-certified tax preparation for low income families.

With all the bad news we are bombarded with every day, it’s easy to forget about the good people we interact with every day. Let’s not do that. Our community is more valuable than we may realize. So, I am going to pose you all a challenge, dear readers: in the coming week, perform a random act of kindness in your community, however small it may seem. Whether you’re paying someone’s taxi fare or holding the door for a harried stranger, your actions benefit all of us–and yourself.

Until next time,