Saint Patrick, one week early

Well, here we are: With freezing temperatures and snow on the way, we are preparing to “spring ahead” into daylight savings time– and for this year’s Saint Patrick’s Day parade on Sunday. That means Irish beer, Irish culture, and Irish music, and green scarves, mittens, earmuffs, hats, and anything else that we can possibly dig up. Shoe laces? Check. Shamrock headband? Secured. Nail polish? Got that– the ladies of the house are painting their nails what the bottle considers to be a “vibrant kelly green” with, apparently, avocado undertones. If you were wondering what fruit would be an appropriate decoration for your nails, now you know– avocado, but only as an undertone.

On another note, did you know that kelly green got its name from Ireland? Supposedly, since the color is popular there, it got tied to a common family name– that is, Kelly. So, now you know what color your decorative shamrocks are. If you can identify an avocado undertone in them, though, please let me know, because in that case you may truly be gifted. Or maybe it’s easier for women– men statistically have more trouble differentiating between shades of blue and green.

Forgive the tangent there, dear readers, but at least it is seasonal. I’ll be breaking out the kelly green this weekend, even if I can’t tell it from a half dozen other shades, and I’m sure you will too. Perhaps our paths will cross at this Sunday’s parade.

Until next time,