The first weekend in April

April Fool’s day is coming up tomorrow. There are a lot of things I could say on the matter– certainly, I have seen enough political jokes about who may or may not be April’s Fool, and you all know I could turn this into a history lesson. I know you don’t tune in for the politics, though. Do you tune in for random facts and history? If so, here’s your random fact of the week: In France, April Fool’s Day is called April’s Fish? No joke.

In the US, though, our traditions take a different tack. No fish for us– we like our pranks loud and exciting! And we have a history of biting off more than we can chew with them, whether it ends with a house fire, major technical difficulties, or anything in between. There’s even, apparently, a tradition among the younger generations to send each other seemingly innocuous video clips that end in loud, horror movie-style jump scares. (They’re called “screamers,” and I’d advise against looking them up unless you want to make an April’s Fool of yourself by jumping nigh out of your skin.)

So, this April 1st, don’t be that person. Pranks are meant to be fun, not to do damage. Go ahead, fill something with ping pong balls or tape a fish to someone’s back, but maybe avoid the pregnancy scares, fake proposals, and firecrackers.

Prank safely, and prank better than me– I’m sure there are creative types among us!

Until next time,