The week of Mardi Gras

Today you can feel the winter in the air, though we had almost managed to convince ourselves that it was finally over. This is just a cold snap, though– just a passing front, like any bitter thing that hits. We have had Valentine’s Day, and we have had Mardi Gras, and while the weeks or months ahead may be dreary we have tasted springtime and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

On the topic of Mardi Gras– it is holiday that is joyfully celebrated in this household, though I do not doubt that we have lost some of the meaning behind it. Still, with paczki glaze on our fingers (Thanks, Piotrek!), plastic beads around our necks (Thanks, Annabeth!), and our friends at our sides, we make it a yearly rite, trekking through the Marsh Botanical Garden like people on a mission.

That party, if it can be considered such, is over now, but the botanical garden (and the Eastern European treats) remain. And, like everything in New Haven, it’s hardly far– so bundle up and see what signs of a change in season are hiding under the frost. They’re out there if you look– I promise.

Keep warm out there.

Until next time,