Easter traditions

Easter Sunday approaches, and it promises to be a beautiful day– sunny, warm, and not all that humid. After a rocky start, this springtime has finally gotten its act together. And that, all my fellow parents will agree, is good news– because Easter isn’t really Easter without a mad romp through parks or gardens hunting little plastic eggs full of chocolate and toys.  I imagine my kids would try to do it even in, say, sleet and high winds. Such is the value of Easter candy!

Now, for those among us who aren’t going to be gorging ourselves purely on chocolate, many of our favorite local restaurants are having special Easter events. Bring your family and your friends and catch a Metro Taxi to Christopher Martin’s, the Country House, or  Amarante’s Sea Cliff for a holiday brunch to remember. For those who don’t plan to brave the crowds, our delis and markets have come out in force as well, and there’s still a sliver of time to stock up on all your Easter essentials, whatever they may be. After all, we all have our own traditions.

One of ours is technologically-enabled: each year on Easter, we skype with Annabeth’s family, with all the far-flung relatives she wouldn’t see at any other point in the year and all the people we see yearly at Christmas or Thanksgiving. There’s an aunt of hers in Australia who only sees our kids once a year, but never fails to send holiday and birthday cards with pressed flowers and photographs. True, the time zones are a bother, but Auntie Amelia wouldn’t miss it for the world—and neither would we.

What are your plans, dearest readers? Eating out? Cooking for the family? Planning the neighborhood egg hunt? Celebrating the fact that you’re not celebrating? I’d love to know.

Until next time,