That lovely time of year…

Well, my friends, we are partway through April, the sun is (generally) high, and it’s that time of year again. I’m talking, of course, about tax season. This year, taxes are due on the 18th of April, three days later than the usual deadline. That’s neither a mistake nor gift, for what it’s worth– taxes are due in the 15th or the next official work day. As April 15 is a Saturday this year, and the Monday following it is an official holiday in the nation’s capital, our taxes aren’t due until Tuesday.

Of course, many of us like to get things done early. Have you? If you haven’t, it’s high time to get on that– and there are plenty of places in and around New Haven that are happy to lend a hand. We have accountants aplenty, some of them specializing in businesses, other in working with individuals. They’re all working hard this season to help us out, so kudos to them. All the paperwork would leave me cross-eyed.

I’d like to give a special tax-related shout-out, though. VITA– Volunteer Income Tax Assistance– representatives have been out in force all over Hamden, East Haven, New Haven, West Haven, and Woodbridge. If you need a hand with your taxes– and really, who doesn’t? I know I do– and make up to 53,505 a year, drop by one of their locations before the deadline.

For those who are curious what great Washingtonian holiday can delay something as inevitable as taxes, it’s Emancipation Day, the day slavery was officially abolished in the District of Columbia back in 1862. A worthy cause, without a shadow of a doubt.

Until next time,