Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day is due to be rainy, dreary, and chilly, but that doesn’t mean we should hold back from celebrating the wonderful women in our lives. In fact, shouldn’t we celebrate all the more to make up for the lack of sunlight? Bring on the flowers! Bring on the brunch! Bring on the sparkling, colorful, potentially singing cards and stuffed animals!

Okay, so Mother’s Day is always a bit of a spectacle, and it’s probably quite common to have the celebrations end in mom cleaning up the disastrous remnants of someone’s attempts at cooking or interior design. Still, we absolutely should take the day–and many others–to appreciate how much the mothers in our lives do.

70% of mothers in Connecticut work outside the home, and while our state is among the best for working mothers women still have to–to paraphrase the late, great Bob Thaves–go through life backwards and in heels. The American Time Use Survey shows–on a yearly basis–that American women do most of the housework and most of the child care than men do by a significant margin, and that’s often on top of working full-time or part-time. That gap is shrinking, though: statistics show that men are becoming slowly more involved in the day-to-day running of their households.

And that’s great news to get going into Mother’s Day, I’d say. So, definitely, break out the flowers and cookies and mimosas and make this Sunday spectacular! And then let’s make each day after it a bit spectacular too, by making sure we all do our parts at home. I think everyone would appreciate that–our partners, our kids, our extended families… even ourselves.

And on that note, dearest readers, I leave you for the week. My kids and I have a weekend party to plan for their mom, and it’s almost impossible to keep Annabeth in the dark about our little schemes.

Until next time,