Arts of the world

As you may have guessed, I spent most of last weekend on the beach. Hey—Father’s Day means I get my choice of activities, right? I’m a man of simple tastes. And besides, I’ve been getting plenty of culture lately: this month New Haven has been host to the annual Arts and Ideas festival.

That means that for most of June, New Haven Green becomes a center of music, theater, and dance recitals, and all sorts of interesting performance art. Some of it is well beyond my grasp, of course, but all of it is fascinating. Yesterday there was a performance by Wu Man and the Miró Quartet, and this weekend will see both an anti-gravity performance and a free concert on the Green by the reggae legends the Wailers and roots rockers Rusted Root.

We’re lucky to have this sort of festival right under our noses. Some places in this country don’t even have museums, after all, and we have this dramatically diverse, international window into the world. I hope you all took the opportunity to drop by and partake—at least in one of the free concerts.

This weekend, catch a Metro Taxi to New Haven Green and enjoy yourselves at one of the outdoor concerts! Just remember to pack plenty of water—it’s due to be hot.