Beach days

Now that it’s summer, it’s time to hit the beach. From where I’m sitting, West Haven has the best beaches of them all—sand and shore and boardwalk. Maybe it’s because I have so many good memories of that particular shoreline. It’s little things, really—ice cream and sandcastles, cold beer and campfires, starlit nights and hot summer days and the smell of the water. If there’s one place that really encapsulates my summers, in the “if I had to explain it to a five-year-old or an alien” sort of way, that shore would have to be it.

I’m sure any number of travel magazines will tell you that the best beaches are in Hawaii or Aruba or somewhere else tropical, but I’ll defend our local spots to the last.

That said, the number one complaint I hear about our beaches is the parking, in that there isn’t much of it and it costs an arm and a leg. Residents get free parking by the boardwalk, but anyone just outside the town lines is out of luck. But you know who doesn’t have to fight for a good parking spot? People who take taxis.

Yes, I know, this is going to sound a bit like an ad, but hear me out. Catching a Metro Taxi to the beach means that not only do you not have to worry about parking, you don’t have to worry about leaving all at once—a genuine concern when you’re traveling with large groups—and you don’t even have to pick a designated driver—college kids, I’m looking at you. There’s even an app for that now, so you don’t have to pick up the phone and call a dispatcher. And you still get to spend your day in the sun.

Until next time,