Art, light, color

You know one of my favorite things about living in the New Haven area? There’s always something to broaden the mind—even in a heat wave. With more than a dozen museums, there’s always something stimulating going on in an air-conditioned environment. And well, that last part is as important as the first sometimes, especially if you have children. Kids don’t always deal well with heat, and more importantly they often don’t know how hot is too hot. And that doesn’t even take sunburns into account.

So, as much as much fun as it may be to play all day in direct sunlight, museums are an ideal summer destination. There’s the Connecticut Children’s Museum, always a favorite for displays you can stick your hands into and dance around in, but if your kids are the calmer sort you’d be surprised how much they appreciate art exhibits. Modern art is my daughter’s personal favorite, and why not? There are bright colors, interesting shapes, and everything is open to interpretation and imagination. What’s not to love?

This weekend is the last weekend that the Lumia exhibit is in New Haven, and I do believe Isabelle and I will be back for one last visit. In case you haven’t dropped by in the last six months, Lumia is an exhibition of light compositions designed by Thomas Wilfred, a brilliant artist who lived in the early 20th century. His work predates consumer television and computers, but is as outright cool now as is was back in the day. That’s the sign of really good art: even ninety years on, it’s still fascinating and accessible to adults and kids alike.

So, take a Metro Taxi down to the Yale University Art Gallery and catch the last days of the light show. It’s worth it.

Until next time,