Dog days

My daughter just told me that she wants a puppy. It’s definitely a step up from a pony, and miles preferable to the tarantula she wanted for a full six months a few years back, but it seems outside of our current capacity. Not that I’d be opposed to the company of man’s best friend—just maybe when both the kids are a bit older.

That said, I know there are many pet lovers there are in Greater New Haven. And just for you, the Milford Arts Center is hosting its yearly Art for Paws Exhibition, where artists will display portraits of animals, be they paintings, drawings, mixed media, photography and graphic design. The first day was July 5th, but it will run three times a week until August 24.

And if creating art—and drinking wine–is more your style than looking at it, there’s always the weekly BYOB Paint-In, also hosted by the Milford Arts Center. Art supplies are provided, though beverages, as the name implies, are not.

So catch a Metro Taxi to Milford and have at its art scene. There’s really something for everyone.