Fire Safety

It’s fire season again, it appears. Now, most people seem to think that it’s just a problem for California, or at least the west coast, and the west coast is indeed going up in flames. But in Connecticut itself, we’ve seen a number of very intense fires in recent weeks, including Wallingford,  Bethel, West Haven, and  Bridgeport. So, please, take care when dealing with flammable objects: this is not the sort of headline anyone wants to be in!

Luckily, there are steps that can be taken to ensure fire safety. The Red Cross has a Connecticut-specific site dedicated to fire safety and the Home Fire Campaign, which helps save lives by installing free smoke alarms in homes that don’t have them and teaching people about fire safety. They’re asking Connecticut residents to “Sound the Alarm” and get involved to help keep our communities fire-safe. In fact, there’s even an event in New Haven this fall that intends to be a part of the lead-up to the installation of the 1 millionth Red Cross smoke alarm.

Additionally, the state Fire Marshall has his own website, which contains links to fire codes and other related regulations. It may be dry reading, but it’s extremely important to build and keep our buildings up to code. Cutting corners in this case could literally be deadly.

I’m not here to make anyone paranoid, but it’s important to be safe. That’s the point of keeping your smoke alarm up to date, after all: not having to worry about it. So, in that spirit, make sure your smoke alarms work and your grill isn’t up against anything flammable, put your matches and lighters out of reach of kids, and have a relaxing summer weekend.

Until next time,