Pillars of the community

I wonder who started the tradition of festivals running from Thursday onward. In my view, that person needs a stern talking-to; I can never quite get anywhere on Thursdays. That said, this weekend (Thursday through Sunday) is Orange’s Volunteer Firemen’s Carnival, and that’s worth the Thursday time-crunch especially if you’ve got kids. There’s fair food, rides, raffles and prizes, and of course special treatment for the kiddos under twelve. It’s great fun, though after this and Savin Rock some of us may need weekends to recover from our weekends.

In the meantime, let’s take a moment to give a shout out to the Orange Volunteer Fire Department—and all our local firefighters. They keep our cities and towns safe, and often are the first on the scene in emergencies no matter the hour, rain or shine.

So, catch a Metro Taxi to the Orange fairgrounds and enjoy yourselves this weekend, and remember to thank your local firefighters for the great work they do for their local communities.

Until next time,