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Metro Taxi Connecticut (CT)

URide Safe® Card

The gift of peace of mind from Metro Taxi

The URide Safe® Card is here to the rescue!
Think twice about calling 911 for a safe ride home.
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If you missed News Channel 8's coverage of the URide Safe® Card,
take a look at Keith Kountz's enthusiastic report.

Metro Taxi is offering the University Ride (URide®) Safe debit card. The URide Safe® Card is Metro Taxi's solution to a university student's safe ride transportation. It is a no-cash, personal debit card that can be used in any Metro Taxi throughout Connecticut.

Did you know? The first Debit Card issued was donated to assist the American Red Cross
National Disaster Relief Fund.

The debit card account is easily accessed and refreshed via our web site, and enables students to manage their account online. It's also a great gift for parents or guardians to buy their college-bound loved ones to ensure they have safe, dependable transportation, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Parents and guardians can enjoy added peace of mind by receiving a detailed ride-log tracking their student's usage of Metro Taxi transportation.

For additional support, please contact (203) 934-2096 x1134, , or go to .

We encourage you to learn more about The Governor's Prevention Partnership's extensive community efforts. To help The Partnership continue to build a strong and healthy workforce, visit The Governor's Prevention Partnership website.

Why Metro Taxi Is Rated "Best!"

  • Metro Taxi has a values-based leadership ethic. We are business leaders and community contributors.
  • Metro Taxi is Connecticut’s most technologically-advanced, reliable, full-service taxi company.
  • Metro Taxi's same-digit phone numbers make it easy for customers to contact us whenever they need transportation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Metro Taxi's computer dispatch system uses GPS tracking, minimizing customer wait-times.
  • Metro Taxi's Customer Service Department features a state-of-the-art telecommunications system to enhance communication between customers, service reps and drivers.
  • Metro Taxi routinely checks weather and traffic conditions to inform our drivers of the safest and most direct routes.
  • Metro Taxi is Connecticut’s first taxi company to use in-vehicle security cameras for passenger and driver safety.
  • Metro Taxi operates wheelchair-accessible cabs to provide equal transportation access for all.
  • Metro Taxi offers a suite of charge and debit cards for any transportation need or lifestyle to provide cash-less cab rides.
  • Metro Taxi operates clean-burning Compressed Natural Gas taxis.
  • Metro Taxi is a Public Access CNG provider, we have our own fueling station.