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Metro Taxi Connecticut (CT)

Metro Taxi's Green Routine

Our Environmental Efforts

We're Greening Our Routine and Growing!
It's true: the company long known for its orange and white colors is steadily growing green!

Cutting the Ribbon on Metro Taxi’s Public Access Fueling Station for CNG

In September 2011, the Metro Taxi Team along with local and state officials and energy and disability advocates cut the ribbon on Metro Taxi’s Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Public Access Fueling Station for all type CNG vehicles.

Since then, through the assistance of Clean Energy Coordinators, and a grant for alternative fuels from Connecticut Clean Cities Future Fuels Project (CTCCCFF) funded by the Department of Energy, we have replaced 110 gasoline-powered taxis with new clean-burning ones; all powered by CNG -- 70 of those vehicles are wheelchair-accessible too.

Working with the U.S. Department of Energy, Metro Taxi seized the opportunity to launch this alternative fuel concept program and engage in two innovative ventures: 1) respond to the need of more than 70,000 Connecticut residents known to have mobility disabilities by providing on-demand, wheelchair –accessible, taxi service; 2) operate these taxi cabs on Compressed Natural Gas, a U.S.-produced alternative fuel with a much lower carbon emission rate and well known for its safety.

To celebrate this forward thinking initiative, we've launched The New Freedom Fund Taxi Voucher Program through a partnership with the City of New Haven's Department of Services for Persons with Disabilities and the Greater New Haven Transit District (GNHTD). This voucher program offers qualified passengers with disabilities a 50% discount on all of our taxi services including Metro Access, our universal and equal access wheelchair-accessible taxi transportation.

In December 2012, we replicated this successful program in the Greater Bridgeport Region. There, we have a coordinated partnership with The Kennedy Center and its Regional Mobility Management Project and the Greater Bridgeport Transit.

Just imagine that in our initial plan, roughly half our combined vehicles, will displace over 500,000 gallons of gasoline per year! That equates to 9,700,000 pounds of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Replacing 110 gasoline taxicabs with new clean-burning CNG cabs will remove over 2500 tons of Green House Gasses annually from the air surrounding the Greater New Haven area of Connecticut.

The Benefits of Fueling With Us

Connecticut Parent AdCab

We've constructed a Fast-Fuel facility that is supplying CNG fuel at a rate of 5 to 7 GGE's (Gasoline Gallon Equivalent) per minute! That's as fast or faster than a gasoline pump!

Join the Green Team! Fuel your fleet of utility trucks, police cars, municipal vehicles, refuse haulers, school busses, or any public fleet vehicle within the area.

Save The Environment & Save Money

Although the cost for CNG fuel tends to follow the up-and-down gasoline price trends, CNG fuel is typically $1.00 less per GGE (gasoline gallon equivalent) than the prevailing price for 87 octane gasoline. The cost savings for highly utilized fleet vehicles is substantial; making this a solid business plan for all concerned. Also, the cost savings for highly utilized fleet vehicles is substantial, making CNG an ideal substitute to gasoline.

Made in the USA

Natural gas will reduce our imports and our dependence on foreign oil. Imagine that! We're actually sitting on the worlds' largest supply of natural gas right here in the United States. Why send our dollars overseas? Why depend on unreliable sources of energy? Imagine the possibilities with cleaner air, energy independence, and increased revenues for our nation.

Click here to learn more about Metro Taxi's CNG efforts and to learn about our involvement with Connecticut Clean Cities Future Fuels Project (CTCCFF).

Connecticut Clean Cities Future Fuels Project: Expanding Connecticut’s Clean Transportation Footprint Go to www.CT-FUTUREFUELS.COM for a complete list of Connecticut fueling stations with
"fleet only" or "public access."

A Car-Free Lifestyle: Cash-Less & Paper-Less Cards

We've introduced a suite of Metro Taxi charge and debit cards:

These innovative concepts allow us to provide our customers top quality service with the extra benefit of providing cash-less cab rides with less paper consumption for everyone. Each Metro Charge Card, for instance, replaces more than 3,000 paper vouchers.

By combining this service with our electronic invoicing, we're significantly reducing paper use. All of our cards are also accessible and reusable online. Did you know that Metro Taxi is the only cab company in Connecticut using this system? Even our satellite dispatch technology is computerized to dramatically reduce paper.

Clean and Green: Recycling Oil

For more than a decade, Metro Taxi has been recycling its own used motor oil – approximately 3,000 gallons a year – to heat its 6,000-square-foot, seven-bay Service Department. We also recycle the company's used oil filters and anti-freeze. In addition, all aged batteries from Metro Taxis are returned to the local auto parts store. The company's scrap metal is also recycled. Our ongoing recycling efforts help to ensure that hazardous materials are discarded or reused safely.

Greening Our Routine: Saving Electricity

Metro Taxi was proud to receive the Business New Haven 2010 Green Award, recognizing environmental leadership in the category of Transportation Companies within the Greater New Haven area.

In collaboration with Connecticut Light and Power, we work to conserve electricity through CL&P's Small Business Energy Advantage Program. For example, Metro Taxi has high-efficiency fluorescent tubes and ballasts throughout its headquarters, including the Service Department. These lights last longer and require less maintenance than the standard fluorescent tubes used in the past. We also have occupancy sensors installed in our break rooms, restrooms, managers' offices and conference areas. These sensors detect the motion of room occupants, turning off lights in unoccupied areas and turning them back on when movement is detected.

With this energy-saving program, Metro Taxi conserves about 31,102 kWh per year while dramatically reducing overhead utility costs.

By keeping our costs down, we're able to routinely make charitable contributions to several dozen community organizations. It gives our employees and our families a sense of pride to know we're doing our part to preserve our environment.

Metro Taxi is also proud to receive the 2010 Green Fleet Award from the Connecticut Clean Cities Coalition for outstanding citizenship in using alternative fuels. Shown from left to right are Peter Polubiatko of Clean Cities along with Bill and Isabelle Scalzi, owners of Metro Taxi.

Why Metro Taxi Is Rated "Best!"

  • Metro Taxi has a values-based leadership ethic. We are business leaders and community contributors.
  • Metro Taxi is Connecticut’s most technologically-advanced, reliable, full-service taxi company.
  • Metro Taxi's same-digit phone numbers make it easy for customers to contact us whenever they need transportation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Metro Taxi's computer dispatch system uses GPS tracking, minimizing customer wait-times.
  • Metro Taxi's Customer Service Department features a state-of-the-art telecommunications system to enhance communication between customers, service reps and drivers.
  • Metro Taxi routinely checks weather and traffic conditions to inform our drivers of the safest and most direct routes.
  • Metro Taxi is Connecticut’s first taxi company to use in-vehicle security cameras for passenger and driver safety.
  • Metro Taxi operates wheelchair-accessible cabs to provide equal transportation access for all.
  • Metro Taxi offers a suite of charge and debit cards for any transportation need or lifestyle to provide cash-less cab rides.
  • Metro Taxi operates clean-burning Compressed Natural Gas taxis.
  • Metro Taxi is a Public Access CNG provider, we have our own fueling station.